Synthetic Roofing

Canadians love the style of synthetics!

Why should you choose a synthetic roof?

Quality synthetic products are generally designed as single slate or cedar shake replications.

These products offer the homeowner a solution to the downfalls of these traditional roof coverings with only minor differences in appearance. Synthetic slates are much lighter and can be installed on almost any slope roof without the concern of structural failure. While synthetic shakes offer the benefit of long term warranties and less required maintenance, some manufacturers are expecting service lives of up to 80 years and most carry lifetime transferrable warranties.  


Synthetic roofing often costs only a fraction of the traditional materials, especially in the case of a replacement slate roof. Most systems start around $900 a square for a basic install, which is generally cheaper then the average professional installation of cedar shingles. Long life expectancies with warranties to back them up means homeowners can admire the elegant look of their new roof without having to sell their home to afford it. 

Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic products are comprised of various different substances (rubber, plastics, limestone, resins, and natural fibers) all of which contain a majority of recycled content. Products are made from recycled tires, household and industrial plastics, and disposed building materials. There are a number of products made from entirely recycled compositions. 


Synthetic roofs closely mimic the look of natural slate, cedar roofing and tile. 

Due to the nature of their design, synthetic slates or shakes offer a very close representation of these traditional roofing materials. Thickness levels of these replications are identical to the authentic products and the exposed surface designs are often impressions taken from real slate, tile an cedar. Cedar shakes come in random widths and synthetic slates are available in decorative designs based on effects achievable with real slate. Multiple true to life patterns and the visual transition of courses imitate the traditional methods so well, sometimes professional installers can't tell the difference without an up close inspection. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Synthetic products require very little maintenence. These roofs due extremely well at shedding snow loads and heavy rain falls season after season. Most often all a home owner will have to do is keep the gutters clean. 


Peaks and Plateaus Roofing installs synthetic roofing products from Authentic Roof and Inspire Roofing.